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pirate ship captain

$29.99 +tx & Shipping

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Ahoy Mates,
Pike be the name, Capt’n James P. Pike. Let me introduce you to me game. It’s called Capt’n Pike’s Cruising North America.

Shiver me timbers, it’s a totally new concept and there is nothing like it on the seven seas or in the market place. Capt’n Pike’s Cruising North America is a fun, entertaining, and education board game with a nautical theme. Do you know how many light houses surround Lake Michigan, where is Angel’s Gate, how many teeth a shark has, what are your chances of surviving a lighting strike, what is a hawse pipe, where is the Norwegian Riviera, what is a drink water sailor, or who started Chris Craft boats? Find out the answers to theses and over 1000 more while playing Capt’n Pike’s Cruising North America.

Choose your vessel and cruise the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, the Mississippi River Basin, and the Great Lakes while answering questions about weather, navigation, boat handling, marlinspike, seamanship and locate points of interest. It’s
the perfect way to while away those leisure hours on board or wait out a bit of foul weather with some friends.

Remember, every game comes with my own personal guarantee “if you are not completely satisfied, I’ll keel haul ya, clap ya in irons and thro you in the hold”

May you always sail before the wind in clear weather and my you be in heaven a half and hour before the devil knows you’re dead!!
Capt’n James P. Pike